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Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Premium

Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Premium

Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Premium

Product Overview:


It both for 32bit & 64bit operating systems. This is a unique key from Microsoft and the buyer will have the only copy of that key. It can be used on one computer.

This key will be send to you within 12 hours after payment clear.

Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 is the top version of Microsoft Visio software family available at the moment. Premium Edition includes everything you may only dream of while creating all sorts of diagrams. Now your dreams may come true. It gives you everything and even more that you may need to create the most amazing and professional-looking diagrams within a singular easy-to-use, reliable and highly convenient environment.  The widest choice of drawing tools, pre-drawn shapes, themes, templates of any kind is presented here for your comfort and benefit. With this set you can take your ideas and put it right on the screen easily using the whole range of available tools. Share your experiences with your business partners and teammates through their browsers even if they don’t have Microsoft Visio set up on their computers. Diagram validation will help you to rise above your present level of performance by applying standards to works of your team. Work faster making no mistakes with built-in set of rules that automatically checks against such errors as missing connectors or shape labels. Buy Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 now and make your diagram creation faster, better and easier.


Main features of the software:

-       Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 includes all of useful and reliable tools that are included in Professional and Standard versions designed especially to make visualization process much easier. Plus you will get brand-new process management tools which will save you a lot of your time.

-       Data-driven visuals will bring your created diagrams to life

-       Share your diagrams with teammates and business partners through browsers even if they don’t have Microsoft Visio software set up and benefit from better cooperation

-       Export your workflow from Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 to SharePoint Designer 2010 to plan your further actions and steps

-       Built-in templates, pre-drawn shapes and automatic spacing make the process of diagram creation more convenient and easier losing no quality.

-       Now working space is organized even better than it was before. User can easily reach and use any tool he or she needs at the moment

-       Updated navigation bar and user interface simplify workflow and give you an opportunity to spend less time working with multiple diagrams at the same time

-       Display  your performances in real-time by linking them  to SQL server, OLEDB or ODCB databases, and Excel services




+Simplify Diagramming process using the most reliable and effective tools ever existed


Whenever you need to create an impressive presentation which includes a diagram you will be able to work it out with Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 easier with great options of various pre-drawn shapes, patterns and other built-in graphical content of high quality.

+ Intuitive navigation.

Brand-new user interface with grouping features of Ribbon Tabs and convenient Shape windows will give an easy access to any tool, shape and pattern you may need at the moment easily. Feel free moving from one diagram to another or within single one.

+ Enhance your performances

Apply diagrams of the highest quality level in business process management or business process analysis and rule-based diagrams

+ The fastest diagram creation of the highest quality

The Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, Auto Align and Space, and Page Auto Size are here to help you create new diagrams or edit existing one fast and easy. Add and align shapes in the way you want them to be. Impress your viewers with amazing diagrams working within Microsoft Visio Premium 2010

+ Make it simple and add more clarity

Complex diagrams will become clearer visually and logically if you use containers and subprocesses to group related objects.

+ Create attractive professional diagrams in a couple easy steps.

Huge gallery of various themes and creative design add-ons at any taste will help you to create mind-blowing diagrams that no one will be able to take their eyes of it.

+ Follow the process.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 and Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 will make you able to export and import workflows. Keep your team organized following their workflows. Order new Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 and keep everything at your fingertips.

+ Keep it accurate.

Everyone wants the work to be done properly and at high quality level. You can do it now easily applying diagram validation to your organization. Introduce a set of rules and validate chosen diagrams against this set and see what’s done right and what is wrong. Bring the level of performance at new height.

+ Simplify complexity

Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 Subprocesses and Containers will help you to group related objects visually and logically adding clarity to your complex diagrams.


+ Dynamic and Data-Driven Visuals will make it all clear.


Gain a complete view of all the information that matters to your business needs of the moment. Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 will show you the total and detailed picture in a singular diagram and will not need anything else to analyze the situation in the whole.



Additional Features:


SQL Server, SharePoint, and Microsoft Excel are available for diagram connection through the Data Selector and Automatic Link wizards for your comfort.


Work, edit, save and import with CAD file format


Brand-new time saving tools such as SharePoint workflow, Business Process Modeling Notation and Six Sigma.


Add various graphic objects such as symbols, icons, data bars and so on in order to bring variety and attractiveness to your diagrams. In case not to lose the major point of presented information you may apply a legend to make your graphic keys clear for everyone.


Updated draw tools are available in this version so you can create impressive and substantial diagrams much easier.

The linked data will be always up-to-date thanks to convenient Automatic Refresh. You are able to set time intervals so the program will update the information according to desired conditions.

+ Share your diagrams with your teammates and partners through browser.


Online diagram sharing is easy and fast. All you need to do is to create a desirable diagram and publish it to the Server of Share Point. Be sure the data will reach the audience. Viewers are able to see the real-time data through their browsers at high quality whether they have Microsoft Visio set up on their computers or they don’t.


Users are able to zoom and pan the diagram, refresh presented data, and use provided hyperlinks. There are two ways you can render your diagrams whether it is Microsoft Silverlight for those who has Silverlight or in PNG format which is more common among users from all over the world.


+ System Requirements:



Which faster than 500Mhz


Operating system:

32-bit or 64-bit supporting OS. Microsoft Windows XP (with Service Pack 3), Windows Vista (with Service Pack 1), Windows 7, Windows Server 2003.



Will run with 256MB, but 512MB or more is recommended for better functionality


Hard Drive:

2GB is required



1024x768 or better


Feedback form John Wit:

John bought a software from us on March 3, 2011
Feb 28, 2014 The customer email us that the sofstware with a problem.
From John: "Hi David, Its been a while since we spoke... but I upgraded my computer  system to a 64bit OS... and when I loaded the 2010 3Ds Max Design I could not activate it... Can you help me please. Thanks John"
The customer upgraded his computer and then met a Registration-Activation Error. His new computer's system is 64bit OS. To fix this, he need upgraded the software bought from us to 64bit and a license for 64bit to activate it. We offered the customer 64bit software and lincense, of course, all this is free.
From John: "As Always, Thank You for your Help! John"
John bought a software from us on March 3, 2011
Feb 28, 2014 The customer email us that the sofstware with a problem.
We offered the customer 64bit software and lincense, of course, all this is free.

Feedback form Jae:

"Thank You so Much!!! Everything works great! I'd like to continue business with you in the future. Thanks again~~~ "

Feedback form John Banks:

Bought from us on January 7, 2011
Keep buying from us.
From John Banks: "Hi ... As you can see I'm a former customer. Please quote me for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro (for PC) I would pay by my Skrill account - do I use this email address to make the payment? Thank you John Banks"

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