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Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010

Product Overview:


It both for 32bit & 64bit operating systems. This is a unique key from Microsoft and the buyer will have the only copy of that key. It can be used on one computer.

This key will be send to you within 12 hours after payment clear.

Here is the best team planner ever existed. Enhance the collaboration of your team, rise up your goals, create a plan and track the progress using Microsoft Project Professional 2010. A lot of new, reliable and highly effective tools will help you to keep your eye on every single task and timeline enhancing the productivity and profits day by day. Connect your teams with each other through Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. Enjoy new features of cutting-edge software by the most reliable Microsoft Corporation.


-       Create, manage and deliver successfully

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 is an amazing tool for managing all sorts of projects. Set up deadlines, create reports, summaries, create and manage your project budget, and gain much more profit having every single piece of your system at your fingertips. The Project Professional 2010 gives you limitless freedom and convenience to organize all the work in the way you want it to be so you along with your team can achieve the highest goals possible.

-       Familiar to everyone

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 looks familiar to all Microsoft software users no matter whether they have been always working with Microsoft Project or they want to try for the first time thanks to the Ribbon and brand-new Microsoft Office Backstage that help users to easily find everything they need at the moment and manage their projects experiencing no discomfort. Enjoy new approach to project management.

-       Save time and enhance productivity

All navigation tools that seem familiar to you from Microsoft Office are presented here as well so you won’t have to get used to new user interface, navigation bar and so on. Feel free switching between Microsoft Project 2010 and other Microsoft Office software editing your content in any application you prefer.

-       Flexible structural scheduling

Enjoy the flexibility, convenience and benefit creating and adjusting making accurate structural schedules with two great Microsoft products, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project Professional 2010 working together. Work in general or add as many checkpoints as you need to complete a project successfully at the right time. Put notes in order to not forget anything important and add some additional information if it is necessary.

-       Add some creativity

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 allows you to apply various text effects and other designer tools so you can get it up handsomely. Mark out all the necessary events so you will not forget about them. It is not only matter of aesthetic view but also it is a matter of responsibility and profit.

-       Have everything under control

You have to admit that the right budget is highly important on the way to the whole project success. That’s why Microsoft Project Professional 2010 gives you possibility to easily compare actual budget against forecasted so you can see where your costs are too high, where you’ve saved some and can reallocate the surplus. Manage your finances more effectively using new built-in functions for predictive analysis. Connect your knowledge with software efficiency to achieve your highest goals.

-       Improve your performance

Microsoft corporation follows the progress that is why all new Microsoft software including Project Standard and Project Professional 2010 support 64-bit platforms for much better performances. Enjoy the power enhancement working much faster and gaining much more profit. However, if you haven’t updated your PC yet you still able to use Microsoft Project 2010 for 32-bit platforms version. 64-bit platform versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 OS work just perfectly with 64-bit processors and new software giving you endless freedom of high-speed performances.

-       Focus on the general

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 has built-in filters and highlights which are designed especially to save you a lot of time which you may need to spend on looking for some specific pieces of information. Set up and adjust filter to eliminate unnecessary information from searching area and leave only appropriate information, concentrate on necessary data parts and enhance your performance level.

-       Timeline view

It is one of the most convenient and useful tools of Microsoft Project Professional 2010 which allows you to overview the entire project which you are working on. All the information will be presented on a big singular picture. You are able to create project summary and send it to whoever when you are ready to do it.

-       Manage your tables in the way you want

Easily adjust any of your tables adding new columns and editing information. Standard Tables don’t always meet you requirements and in order if you need to add such column as ‘Expenses’ the “Add New Column” feature of Microsoft Project Professional 2010 will help you to figure it all out much easier. Don’t waste your time on trifles and pay more attention to your primary goals.

-       Summary Tasks and Outline Numbers

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 makes it easy to create a top-level summary of all the tasks of the project for you to comfortably track all the changes, start date and finish date, and the duration of the entire project. You can also summarize such important details as expenses, profit, working hours and so on. Outline numbering lets you to create a better organized structure and divide complex tasks into smaller pieces that are much easier to follow after.

+ Pro version features only

-       People and resources.

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 helps you to manage your team workflows more effectively redistributing surplus work force to where it is needed. The Task Inspector will help you to analyze the situation and give you some advices so you can make some more improvements. Enhance productivity and profit with Project Professional 2010!

-       See what you can do

From time to time you’ll face the necessity of scenario and options consideration to plan new projects. Microsoft Project Professional 2010 allows you to try different project plans through applying inactive tasks and using what-if analysis. Add or remove tasks and see what the effect will be. A lot of other effective and useful tools are built-in including such an important function as multiple-level undo and other.

-       Watch the progress in real-time

Connect each member of your team with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and track the progress of each member through Task Status Updates.


Purchase Microsoft Project Professional 2010 today and make a great step towards your success.


+ System Requirements:



Which faster than 500Mhz


Operating system:

32-bit or 64-bit supporting OS. Microsoft Windows XP (with Service Pack 3), Windows Vista (with Service Pack 1), Windows 7, Windows Server 2003.



Will run with 256MB, but 512MB or more is recommended for better functionality


Hard Drive:

2GB is required



1024x768 or better



Feedback form John Wit:

John bought a software from us on March 3, 2011
Feb 28, 2014 The customer email us that the sofstware with a problem.
From John: "Hi David, Its been a while since we spoke... but I upgraded my computer  system to a 64bit OS... and when I loaded the 2010 3Ds Max Design I could not activate it... Can you help me please. Thanks John"
The customer upgraded his computer and then met a Registration-Activation Error. His new computer's system is 64bit OS. To fix this, he need upgraded the software bought from us to 64bit and a license for 64bit to activate it. We offered the customer 64bit software and lincense, of course, all this is free.
From John: "As Always, Thank You for your Help! John"
John bought a software from us on March 3, 2011
Feb 28, 2014 The customer email us that the sofstware with a problem.
We offered the customer 64bit software and lincense, of course, all this is free.

Feedback form Jae:

"Thank You so Much!!! Everything works great! I'd like to continue business with you in the future. Thanks again~~~ "

Feedback form John Banks:

Bought from us on January 7, 2011
Keep buying from us.
From John Banks: "Hi ... As you can see I'm a former customer. Please quote me for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro (for PC) I would pay by my Skrill account - do I use this email address to make the payment? Thank you John Banks"

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